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We've implemented Desky -- great looking platform. We'd like to use the Chat feature, but there's a problem in what I'd call "normal chat functionality."  If a new, unregistered customer submits a question via chat after-hours, there doesn't appear to be any way to respond to them via email from within Desky. 

The expectation of an email response is set by -your- (Desky) chat UI. In fact, I'm on help.desky.support right now, and the chat box says "Hi, We are offline currently, Please leave your message and we will get back to you at earliest."   By asking for my email address, you're setting the (normal) expectation of a response via email.

Responding from a personal email address by copying the address is an awful solution -- no tracking, templates, resolution, team notification, or support record for later.


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    Hetul replied

    Hi Matthew, 

    In first case, if the impatient customer leaves the chat session, admin will be prompted with this customer's email address so that your team can follow-up with him. 

    And relative to your first question; yes, you as an admin can create a support ticket for your unregistered customer. We have provided IMAP feature where you can configure and create a support ticket for yourself and your support team. 

    Feel free to let us know how can we help you further in this. We would be happy to assist you. 

    Thank you! :)

    Desky Support
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    matthew replied

    Thanks for the clarification about after-hours only.

    That leaves two fairly big functional holes as I see it.

    If the support team is busy, and some impatient person leaves the chat session -during- working hours before they can respond, how are they supposed to contact that customer?  

    Related question -- is it possible to start a support ticket via email for someone who has -NOT- registered themselves?  If a customer emails a problem to me directly, how do I turn that into a ticket for helpdesk to handle?


    Final, perhaps unrelated. The emails from you, responding to these questions, are from "noreply@desky.support."  There's no option to respond to you via email?




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    Hetul replied

    Hi Matthew checked your video. 

    So Emails are only and only triggered for OFFLINE CHATS. i.e all chats intiated beyond your working hours (decided by chat schedule)

    1. How to set Chat schedule.
    Go to Settings --> Chat Settings 

    So in this example all chats after 9PM(non working hours ) will be treated as OFFLINE CHAT

    2. How does your visitior know that you are not in your working hours.  ? 
    Your offline message is shown when not in working hours. This is where we set expectation for visitor someone will get back to them during business hours.

    Note : 
    During working hours, like the one showed in your video. A normal chat will happen in the chat the window only. 

    Desky Support
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    matthew replied

    Hi guys-

    Well...this is still -not- solved.

    I replied to a (closed) chat via email on Saturday.

    When my colleague Raj tried the same steps, no reply arrived in email.

    We confirmed the following:

    --Mail set for all notifications

    --Chat User in the "to" box for New Agent Message.

    Here's a step-by-step demo:






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    Hetul replied

    Hi Matthew, 

    Please download this demo video we created for you : https://we.tl/t-26QWstoUBk   (Note link will expire soon)

    Below are steps and details of how it works : (Note all below settings are by default. But just cross verify it so that we dont missout anything)

    1. In your admin panel : Make sure your SMTP is turned ON

    2. Make sure Notification for "New Agent Message" is On

    3. Make sure your email template for above notification has "chat-user" in to section 

    Once all the above settings looks good, then your chat user (visitor) will get the email as soon as you do a normal reply to any Offline chat.

    NOTE : As you can see in "TO" section in above email template, 2 emails are sent for offline chat replies : 1st to admin, & 2nd to actucal visitor.
    You can modify it the way you like it.

    We have demonstrated the same in demo video.

    IN SIMPLE WORDS : You just need to do a normal reply to the offline chat, System will automatically send an email response to the user's email and admin.

    I hope this give you clarity on how its designed. 

    Desky Support

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    Hetul replied

    Hi Matthew, Yes we got your point. And we already have the feature that you are referring to. Let me arrange for detailed demo of how it works by tomorrow morning during our working hours. Regards, Hetul
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    matthew replied

    Hi guys-

    I'm going to try this for a 3rd time, since you still haven't answered the question.

    If a visitor leaves a chat message after hours, your form requests their email address. IF they LEAVE THE WEB SITE AND CLOSE THE CHAT...how do we respond to the visitor VIA EMAIL FROM DESKY.

    The previous response you sent -- "3. Look for 'New Agent Message' and enable email" -- sent an email notification about the chat to my personal inbox, with a reply-to address help@campaign-genius.io. That's useless.


    3rd time, same question.

    Can we respond to a chat visitor VIA EMAIL from within Desky?

    If not -- why does the Desky chat form request their email address?


    I'll ask it a different way:  can we create an email ticket for an after-hours chat enquiry, if the chat visitor hasn't registered for email support?


    I really want to like this system & review it positively, but this basic/obvious function shouldn't require multiple, repeat support enquiries.  








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    Hetul replied

    Hi Mathew, 


    Well, yes! You can respond to those chat message by changing your settings. 

    Please follow these steps: 

    1. Goto Settings

    2. Find Notification Settings

    3. Look for 'New Agent Message' and enable email

    By following these steps, you as an admin and your visitor can get a notification email on the activity. 

    Please feel free to write to us again if you have any questions or need further assistance with this. 

    We're happy to assist you :) 

    Desky Support
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